With Friends Like These - Austin Sessions

When I started Austin Sessions I wanted to capture each episode visually to compliment the audio. I knew I wanted great photography that would enhance my posts and give my guests something they could always go back to.  As luck would have it, I have several friends who are fantastic photographers. Of these friends, the Moore brothers have stepped up to help me get this project off the ground. 

Casey Moore and I have know each other since we were kids growing up in San Marcos just south of Austin. Incidentally, in 1989, the original Gameboy was released. Considering I didn't have one and he did, I knew we would likely be good friends. We've since been in a band together, been roommates, been each other's Best Man, and most importantly stayed friends for almost 20 years. Last year Casey and his wife Marissa had their first child, Caden. 

 By proximity, Taylor Moore acquired his older brother's friends. I've know him just as long as Casey. Aside from playing the guitar, bass, and piano, he's an amazing photographer. He currently installs and programs high-end home theater systems all around the U.S. Taylor recently got engaged to his girlfriend Jacqui and is currently working on a new photography website

(512) Brewery Anniversary with Korey & Meg

I'm extremely lucky to have such artistic friends who are generous with their time. I know everyone is busy and time is a precious commodity. I'm thankful that I've got people like these in my life. Cue the Wonder Years theme song.