Hopfields - Austin Sessions


I've known Bay since the late 90's. If I do some quick math, that should be around ten or eleven years ago. Right? I wanted my first podcast to be comfortable and relaxed, and Hopfields was the perfect setting to ease me into the process. My wife and I have both spent birthdays here and everyone we've brought loved it.  Aside from the crazy good craft beer selection, the food is beyond amazing. Their french inspired menu changes almost daily. (The Pascal burger with frites is a personal favorite. But I've tried almost everything so,whatever you order, you won't be disappointed.If you've never been to Hopfields, it's located off Guadalupe and 31st, close to the UT campus. 


We were seated in the back room in the recently expanded section of the gastro pub. Over a few pints our conversation ranged from Bay's dislike of Neil Young, to growing up in a commune, and then obviously, the exposition of the Hobbit. We talked about how his son, Oak, was cast in a movie as part of a UT student's master thesis. The dialogue was light, fun, and at times extremely sarcastic. I guess I could've just called it banter. That would've covered it.  At any rate, I expected nothing less. 


A mutual friend, Casey, was nice enough to sit in and take pics for the site. At one point, he fills in while Bay attended to some "important Hopfields related business." After some discussion about the lack of microphones, it was decided. Next time I'll bring more mics. To listen to what we talked about, check out the Podcast section and give it a listen. Don't forget to like and comment! 


In other related news, I'm in the process of getting the podcast up on iTunes so that you can download the podcast onto your smart device of choice. Then you can listen to the episodes at your leisure. Pause. Rewind. Skip over stuff. Whatever. We make it your way.  Like Burger King, but not gross.     -J